Oracle 12c SQL and PL/SQL for Developers
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Oracle 12c SQL and PL/SQL for Developers

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About the Course

This course begins with the basics of Oracle along with some basics of UNIX/LINUX commands to help you gain a foundation to build your confidence with Oracle and SQL.

This course will set a strong foundation for your knowledge and confidence in Oracle and SQL by teaching you the SQL query writing, data types, process flow in PL/SQL, oracle errors and more. You will explore Strings, Numbers, Boolean, and arrays. You will also learn how to use “if” statements, loops functions, exception handling, using packages, and even objects.

You will not only learn SQL and PL/SQL but also some of the advance concepts such as SQL performance tuning techniques, Partitioning, Indexing, Views, Materialized Views, SQL Loader, privileges and much more.

By the conclusion of this training, you will be fully versed in the use of the Oracle PL/SQL for getting the most out of your Oracle databases.

Who Should Attend

This course is for anybody who aspires to learn SQL concepts and Oracle database. This course is also for those who would like to hone their skills in advance SQL and PL/SQL programming and gain some insights into Oracle DBA concepts.


Course Curriculum

Serial# Topic Description
1. Introduction Overview of RDBMS concepts, SQL and SQL tools such as SQL Developer, SQL Plus etc. Writing SQL statements & understanding DDL and DML

2. SQL Workshop I Learn SQL joins, subqueries, writing complex queries, filters, sorting. Learn about SQL data types, dates with date functions, string functions etc. Learn about SET operators,
3. SQL Workshop II Learn about query optimization, distinct clauses, sql functions such as ROUND, TRUNC, MOD, COALESE, NVL, nexting of functions and more. Also learn about Indexes, partitions and CASE statements etc.
4. SQL Workshop III Learn Grouping of data, WITH clauses, advance analytics functions such as calculating RANK etc., writing hierarchical queries, pattern matching, understanding data dictionary and much more.
5. PL/SQL Programming PL/SQL introduction, variables, data types, PL/SQL constructs (If-else, Loops), procedures, functions. Writing PL/SQL programs to solve problems, practicals and assignments.
6. Advance Oracle Workshop Learn about virtual columns, external tables, using SQL Loaders, partition exchange loading technique for loading large amout of data, Materialized Views and DBMS jobs and scheduling.


I took classes on Data Modeling and I think I was amazed by depth of knowledge I received. Highly recommend Data Modeling classes from these awesome people!

Thank you for helping me learn Big Data and Hadoop platform at the time I needed this information when I was getting ready to start my career as Big Data architect. Especially grateful for support after classes were over. Thank you!

I wanted to learn SQL and PL/SQL and took classes. This was the best investment I made in myself. Truly, self-education is the best thing to do and with help is SmartBIExperts group, it was great experience.


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