Data Warehousing With Teradata
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Data Warehousing With Teradata

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About the Course

Teradata is one of the most widely used database by large corporations for data warehousing and Analytic applications. Due to the power of its massively parallel processing power, it is one of the most desired databases for data warehousing environments.

This Teradata training course comes with a complete package of concepts as well as practical exercises to give you complete confidence in Teradata. This Teradata  training  course is designed basic to cover topics from basic to advanced levels with case studies and small projects.

We have a team of Teradata   experts who are working professionals with hands on real time Teradata  projects knowledge. That means, our students get cutting  edge information with practical knowledge and exercises.


Who Should Attend

Teradata is one of the most popular databases with powerful features and a huge market share.

Anybody who aspires to gain knowledge in Teradata, SQL language and administration of Teradata systems, should take this course. We teach from basics to advance concepts about Teradata and cover datawarehousing concepts as well in the context of Teradata.


Course Curriculum

Serial# Topic Description
1. Introduction Introduction to RDBMS and basics of Teradata, hisotry of Teradata, versions, differences with other databases, Teradata warehouse and basic warehousing concepts.
2. Teradata Architecture Understand Teradata Architecture, Node architecture, SMP and MPP Architectures, AMP Architecture, Parsing Engine, About Bynet, Parallel Data Processing, CLI and more…
3. Teradata SQL SQL fundamentals, Data types and literals, DDL Statements, DML Statements, Teradata naming standards, SQL Functions, Logical operations, Aggregation, Set operations, Join operations, Conditional expressions and much more…/td>
4. Teradata Joins & Advance SQL Hash joins, Merge joins, Nested joins, Inner joins, Left & right outer joins, Full outer joins, analytics functions in Teradata, advance SQL syntax in Teradata for advance users.
5. Teradata Storage Concepts Hash algorithms, Row hashing, Hash map, Hash buckets, Receiving VDisc and more…
6. Teradata Indexing & Utilities Types of indexes in Teradata, Hash indexs, Join indexs, Primary indexes, Secondary indexes and performance tuning in Teradata. Also, Teradata Application Utilities such as BTEQ (Export/Import), FastExport, FastLoad, MultiLoad and Tpump for batch processing and practical exercises. What is TPT and its advantage over traditional utilities like FastLoad, MultiLoad etc.
7. Database Administration in Teradata Teradata Data Dictionary, User Management, Server Management, Backup & Recovery, Journals & Types, Virtual Disk Arrays, RAID 1 & RAID 5 and more…


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