Data Warehousing and Data Modeling
Data Modeling

Data Warehousing and Data Modeling

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About the Course

Excellence data modeling remains the keystone of not only a well-designed data warehouse/business intelligence system but also for transactional (OLTP) systems. This course is designed to give you the opportunity to learn everything about data modeling including Kimball’s dimensional modeling, Corporate Information Factory (CIF) of Inmon and also some of the latest hybrid architectures widely being used by industry leaders.

Our teachers are also some of the best data modelers and data architects with several years of experience under their belt in complex data modeling techniques with expertise in teaching you advance dimensional modeling concepts including conformed dimensions, slowly changing dimensions, junk dimensions, mini-dimensions, bridge tables, periodic and accumulating snapshot fact tables, and so on.

This course teaches you not only data warehousing concepts and dimensional modelings (although this remains the most popular data modeling techniques in data warehousing domain for over a decade,) we will also introduce you to some of the most promising hybrid data modeling techniques for data warehousing. You will get hands on experience with tools such as ERwin and Power Designer as well.

In this course, you will learn practical dimensional modeling techniques covering basic to advanced patterns and best practices. Concepts are taught through a combination of teaching sessions, class exercises, and individual assignments based on real-world industry case studies. At the end of this course you would have gained an in-depth understanding of data modeling concepts, techniques and tools so that you could confidently apply this knowledge to solve real life data architecture challenges and enhance your career as data modeler or data architect!

Who Should Attend

This course is for Data Warehouse Architects, Data Modelers, DBAs, Business Analysts and ETL or Data Integration professionals.


Course Curriculum

Serial# Topic Description
1. Introduction To Data Warehousing Discuss fundamentals of Datawarehousing, OLTP and OLAP Systems

2. Data Modeling Fundamentals Basics of Relational and Dimensional Modeling. Role of dimensional modeling in the independent mart, Kimball, Data Vault, Inmon’s Corporate Information Factory (CIF), and hybrid architectures.
3. Data Modeling Tools & Practical Use Cases Learn ERwin and Power Designer tools and learn practical data modeling through case studies of real life scenarios (Dimensional Model and Relational Modeling)
4. Advance Dimensional Modeling Concepts Master advance concepts including Slowly Changing Dimensions, Factless Fact tables, Bridge tables, Junk dimensions and Bus Architecture etc.

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